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Pastiche Art
astiche Art was born out of Brent’s love for old wood window frames (he views them as works of art in themselves, with their own hidden stories to tell), and the wide world of graphic, visual art. He describes the process as a matchmaking dance that finds and marries wood window frames with evocative, complementary prints. Focused care is given to bring out and maintain the distinct character of each frame while at the same time adapting it to a particular work of art. The end result is a unique “pastiche” (a work of art combined from various sources). He derives satisfaction when the finished product draws the viewer, giving a three dimensional sense of looking out a window into an actual scene. Some prints may be used in more than one frame, but each frame’s originality ensures that the end product will never be identical. Pastiche Art is a locally owned business and is proud to be part of the value added effort to wisely re-use our natural resources.
  • Company: Pastiche Art
    Location: South Surrey- Kingfisher Farm