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Hello Friends Baking
Hello Friends Baking
♥ Beautiful Baking That Nourishes♥
This is the home of the Un'beet'able Chocolate Beet Cake.
*******NEW******* Un'beet"able Chocolate Beet Cakes with no added sugar!

~~Garden-Inspired Delicious Baking~~

~Healthier baking with natural ingredients and fabulous flavors, never artificial sweeteners
~I bake with lots of carrots, beets and dates for sweetness
~Discover wonderful flavors, textures and variety. Some baking with wheat,
some wheat-free, some dairy-free. All delicious

Some of my delicious products:
~Un'beet'able Chocolate Beet Cake With Coconut Ganache, no butter or oil,
no icing sugar, featured in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. This product is also available wheat-free
~Whole Grain Wheat-free Quinoa Oatcakes made with oats, organic quinoa, grated carrots, dates for sweetness, and local fruit or other tasty ingredients, such as dark chocolate, cherries, maple walnut, lemons, limes, unsulphured fruit and coconut
~Whole Wheat Flax Cinnamon Buns
~Dark Chocolate Cloud Cookies, fruit sweetened, no added sugar
~Dark Chocolate Super Cookies containing organic chia seeds and hemp hearts
~Perfection Collection of cookies and cakes

♥ Baking You Happy
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